Simon Allen

Simon first heard about non-religious ceremonies when reading an article in The Independent in 1989. He knew immediately that this was work he wanted to do and applied for training with the British Humanist Association (BHA). He took his first funeral in 1991 and was later involved in training over 100 Officiants on behalf of the BHA.

He lives in West Hertfordshire and the West Herts Crematorium in Garston is his 'local'. He has, however, worked at 39 different crematoria and 30 cemeteries as well as taking many memorial ceremonies in different venues and taking part in two ceremonies live on ITV Good Morning.

Now working as an independent,
Simon helps families celebrate all
our Rites of Passage such as baby
namings and marriages. For those
without any religious beliefs, Simon is
often regarded as the 'family's Officiant
being called back for each new ceremony
that is needed. Families have asked him to
take funerals in Hertford, Herefordshire and Shropshire, amongst other counties, so as to secure his services.

What Did Simon Do - Before He Took Ceremonies?

His career was in telecommunications and I.T. When he read that article in The Independent in 1989, he was working for an American merchant bank in the City of London.

He started in 1978 and progressed to Supervisor, Manager and then Consultant by the time he decided to concentrate on ceremonies in 2003.

In the course of his career, he worked for a wide range of companies, from small businesses, through British companies to international corporations. These spanned, retail, local government, transport, pharmaceuticals and finance. In the process, he learnt to be in conversation with the warehouse worker, as much as with the board of directors. His job was to provide them with the kind of telecommunications facilities they needed, now he provides the kind of ceremonies that are needed.

Based in the UK, he became used to the London commute but has also worked in Hong Kong and Germany, as well as business trips to many other countries.