What is a Non-Religious Naming?

Celebrating a birth is something human beings have done for as long as history can record. Every year, thousands of families are choosing to create their own ceremony for their child rather than a religious one, allowing the child to make their own decisions later in life.

Namings are generally held in the family home and garden. Larger gatherings may be in the local park or function room. Wherever it is held, Simon ensures that it is emotionally fulfilling. The ceremony is written specifically around your child and your approach to this important new life. Simon encourages participation from all family and friends. There is usually a lot of laughter during the ceremony.

One immediate question is often: "As they are not God parents—what do we call them?!" Simon has helped parents to decided that point for over 20 years.

Pictured: Cecily reacts well to being given her name, with her parents Tilly & Andrew, whom Simon had married three years earlier. Picture