What is a Non-Religious Wedding?

One that binds two people together with words and promises of their own choosing.

Simon will help you find what is important and will then set the 'tone' of the ceremony, ensuring that contributions from family and friends are woven into place, along with any more traditional elements that you may wish to include.

He will advise on all the practicalities. The venue, the music, the words, the poems, the rings. He has taken weddings in all locations from hotels and marquees, under big trees and on cliff tops. He has even married a couple live on television in the This Morning show.

He is happy to travel away and has been invited to places like Majorca, Italy and as far afield as the Isle of Man. Some couples have been so pleased that they have written to thank him - whilst still on honeymoon!!

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Pictured: Simon married Tilly & Andrew at The Foreign Press Association, London, in June 2004.