More About Weddings

Simon has been taking wedding ceremonies for over 20 years and has some good experience of the different ways in which couples choose to mark this key moment in their lives.

He sees his role as providing a framework that can be filled with the various components of a ceremony. Sometimes, couples use the framework 'as is' and sometimes they change or embellish it with their own ideas creating a truly unique service. Simon does not have set ideas and will do all that he can to make your ceremony what you want it to be, within the broad secular approach.

Here is the usual range of meetings that he has with the couple:

The first formal meeting will set the style for working together, so that he can see your approach and what plans you have already made. Starting with the practicalities such as, venue, people involved, music (or not) and so forth.

Further meetings will be held to discuss the words to be used and it is helpful to visit the venue in advance. If this is not possible, some detailed photographs and floor layout will be needed.

Lastly, and most important, is the rehearsal, usually a few days before the wedding.

Included in the fee are the following:

  1. As many telephone chats and e-mails as required, throughout the time.
  2. Meeting 1 to establish all the basics. This covers speakers (to include family and friends who may contribute), music, family numbers and special ideas that you already have.
  3. Meeting 2 to discuss the detail of what you want me to say and that of others. Start on what you two will say to each other. Your words are then usually completed by e-mail.
  4. Meeting 3 is the dress rehearsal at the venue. Typically, this is the day before and includes all other participants. The importance of this will be discussed at meeting 1. We also finalise any last minute thoughts on words.
  5. Meeting 4 The wedding.
  6. Afterwards, you have a 'fully customised' wedding ceremony and a 'top' copy is printed and sent to you in a protective binder.

For a quotation, contact Simon with details of your plans, venue and home address.