Non-Religious Ceremonies




Pictured: Danielle and Charl were married by Simon in August 2005,
in the Eastbourne garden of a friend.

A Humanist wedding celebration can also contain some traditional cultural traditions, such as this chuppa that was made by the families of the couple.

The current marriage laws in England, Wales and Northern Ireland prevent Humanist Celebrants from taking legally binding weddings. Weddings



In March 2008, Simon assisted Naomi & Martin to welcome their second son, Lorcan. He had already welcomed his elder brother, Milo, in July 2005.

The Naming, or Welcoming, ceremony is the opportunity for parents to express their dedication to bringing up their child and for family and friends to celebrate the child's safe arrival. Namings

FuneralFunerals and Memorials


Pictured: The funeral director leads the motorcycle funeral up
to the West Herts Crematorium, carrying Martin Shuck (1951~2011) Simon is riding on the pillion.

When a death has occured overseas, the body may have been cremated or buried there. The family and friends at home still need a funeral and so a Memorial Ceremony is prepared.

This may be at a crematorium, to give an appropriate, structured venue with music system etc., with the urn and flowers at the front. Other suitable venues are hotel function rooms, sports and country clubs, or a small gathering at the family home. Funerals